How to Work on Your Mental Health

Working on our mental health should be the most important part of our everyday life. We all have ups and downs and a lot of us suffer from deeper issues.

No matter how bad it is, we should keep working on our self.

Here are some of the some of the things I have been trying this year.

Working out. It sounds so basic, but it's very important to try and workout at least 3 times a week. Working out will not only make us look better but will also make us feel better mentally.

Keep a journal. I used to think keeping a journal is so stupid, but one day my beautiful cousin gave me a journal and suggested I write whenever I feel sad. At first it was so weird, but now every time I cry, I write. You won't feel guilty about sharing all your secrets and feelings with other people. You'll let it all out and no one will ever see it.

Try new hobbies. This year I started traveling more, hiking a lot, going on walks at the park alone, and roller blading. It keeps me busy and actually makes my day much better.

Read interesting books. The right book will relate to you. It keeps you busy, increases you knowledge, and helps you think differently.

Be nice to everyone, I was never that. But this year I needed people by myside the most, which helps you learn that being nice will make you loved and makes you feel better. You can never go wrong by being nice to everyone.

Donate if you can. Donating money, food, clothes to people in need will make you feel good. When we see how bad some people have it, we will instantly feel like our problems are not that important.

Be thankful. No matter how bad it gets, there's always someone praying to have your life.

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